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Personal Training by Surf
Most people know the positive effects of exercise but quite often don’t know the most effective way to begin. Surf’s one-on-one personal training sessions will provide individualized fitness plans geared toward efficiency and high intensity workouts. Your program will be tailored based on your goals, physical condition, and limitations. You will receive the motivation, guidance and encouragement that is needed to maintain safe, effective and consistent workouts. Our goal is to help you transform fitness into your lifestyle, resulting in self-confidence and inner peace, immeasurably improving your quality of life.
Surf's Boot Camp
Are you:
  • looking for an outside activity to get your heart rate pumping?
  • contemplating a fitness program but don’t know where to begin?
  • tired of the treadmill, stair monster, or elliptical?
  • thinking you haven’t got an athletic bone in your body but want to get fit?
  • an elite athlete that is bored or on a plateau?

Regardless of your current fitness level Surfia’s Boot Camp will energize and encourage you to workout to your highest potential. This program is offered at the Morehead City Parks and Recreation Department located at 1600 Fisher St. It is the first fresh air activity of it’s kind in Morehead City. During inclement weather, indoor space is available for sessions.
Kettle Bells
The kettlebell is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. The Russian kettlebell is a complete gym that you can hold in one hand. It is the ultimate tool for all round fitness. The position of the handle allows dynamic passing of the kettlebell from hand to hand for a great variety of powerful juggling-type exercises. Unlike conventional linear exercise, these drills develop dynamic strength and injury-proof the body in many planes. The kettlebell will give you infinite freedom from lifting.