About Me

surfdadI grew up in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, the youngest of three. My father was a NYS Forest Ranger with a passion for hiking. My mother was never far from my father’s side, unless she was taking up the rear on one of our family hikes. Though my first experiences with hiking were either in my mothers womb or on my fathers shoulders, I soon gained a love for hiking.

Instead of attending my senior year at Northville Central, I enrolled at Hudson Valley Community College early admissions. I graduated with an AAS degree in Criminal Justice in 1989, and subsequently enrolled at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC. I feel my experiences in a large city increased my self-confidence and street smarts.

While hiking remained one of my favorite activities, I also enjoyed karate, snowboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, soccer, basketball, snowmobiling, jetskiing, swimming, and then one day……………

surfbio In the fall of 1998 I decided to make a skydive. I figured it was something you should do once in your life. Before my first jump course was even over I was addicted. In 1999 I traveled to the WFFC (world freefall convention) in Quincy, Illinios where I met an awesome group of people, most of them from the Charlotte, NC area. They had formed a skydiving club named The Rodriguez Brothers. They made me a brother and changed my name to “Surfia” !

In 2000 I moved to Charlotte so that I could pack parachutes and pursue skydiving more seriously. During the next 5 years I experimented with skysurfing, a bird-man suit, free flying and a few BASE jumps.surfing through the air

After moving to Morehead City in the Fall of 2005 I joined the Sports Center and went from thinking about skydiving all the time to thinking about working out all the time. In 2007 the owner of the gym, recognizing my dedication to fitness and bubbly personality, asked me if I would join his fitness department by obtaining my ACE certification. I loved the idea and started my studies.

Upon completion of the ACE certification in September 2007, I continued to search out the CEC’s (continuing education credits) that enabled me to advance in the field and provide my clients with the benefits of a comprehensive program.

surfdad The enthusiasm I have for physical activity helps me create workouts that are exciting, fun, and challenging. When a person becomes bored with a workout he/she stops, or continues with no sense of ambition and loses focus. As a trainer I believe keeping things interesting is one of the most important parts of my job. My sense of adventure, passion for fitness and helping others live longer, healthier lives, makes me a highly effective trainer.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you Surf for what you have done to me. Three different people at the gym stopped me today to tell me how good I look! I feel so strong and beautiful since I have been working with you! I couldn't have done it without you.

- Becca Marson

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I have always enjoyed sports and working out but after training with Surf for 9 months she has taken me to a new level. Although I had a fair amount of fitness knowledge, I was always intimidated by weight lifting and just couldn't put together an effective program of my own. Surf has been able to break that ceiling for me.! Her knowledge is phenomenal, her workouts are 'killer' and she has become a habit I won't break. Thank you Surf !!

- Martine Myers

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I used to think, "trainers are a waste, I can do this myself"! And then about a year ago, when nothing else was working, I decided maybe a trainer and could make a difference. Well, training with Surf has been awesome and it has made a big difference. I have more energy, a higher commitment, and I like the person in the mirror a whole lot more; and so does my husband! And that higher commitment has made a difference in my dress size, too!

- Kyra Moore

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