Class Times

Please be at class 10 minutes early!

Tuesdays & Thursdays
8:30am - 9:30am
5:00pm - 6:00pm

Boot Camp

Boot Camp Morehead CityDoing the same old cardio workout? Boredom is the biggest reason people stop working out. Want to change it up a bit? Come experience a completely new and creative way to get your heart-rate pumping!

Surfia’s Boot Camp offers challenging and rewarding workouts for anyone at any fitness level. Couch potato or elite athlete these workouts will work for you. Classes are held outside at the Morehead City Parks and Recreation Center twice a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays year round. In the event of inclement weather, indoor space is available for sessions.

Class activities will change constantly, helping you avoid the boredom burnout that people get from typical cardiovascular machines at the gym. Varied and fun workout activities keep you motivated and excited.

working out morehead cityOne hour workouts are geared toward functional training that will translate into your everyday lifestyle. Activities include Agility, Speed, Resistance, Endurance, Balance and Muscular Coordination Training.

Workouts are generally run in one minute intervals with 30 seconds of ’active recovery’ breaks.

Surfia is an ACE (american councel on exercise) certified personal trainer that has a genuine commitment to fitness and cares about you and your needs.

workouts swinsonFirst class is complimentary for everyone. Come challenge your inner athlete, get outside and enjoy some fresh air fitness fun!

Pricing : $10 per class or save $40 by making a monthly commitment ! Only $40 for unlimited access to all classes for the month.



This is overall my favorite workout. I love the variety and it's a nice change to get outside instead of being cooped up in a gym. Surf is great at giving us new and challenging exercises at every class. Since the start of boot camp I have noticed an overall improvement in strength and stamina.....can't wait to start back up in March!

~Raine Adams

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Before starting bootcamp, I was a 30 year old out of shape man pushing close to 300 pounds on the scales. The thought of running anywhere or doing anything with my bum knee didn't sit well to me but it was suggested by my boss that this camp could help me. Well after a few months, i'm proud to say that i have currently dropped around 28 pounds. I am currently coaching a group of teenagers in a rec basketball league and my agility and strength have improved dramatically as well as my endurance for running the courts for basketball drills. My friends and i have notice an immediate change in my appearance and attitude as these changes have greatly improved my fitness an well being. I have Surfia and my boss who made the suggestion in the first place to thank for helping me get back to the person i once was and will be. Thanks again

Philip Woolard

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Surfia's BootCamp is perfect for the person who needs to spice up their cardio routine, or just get started. Every session is different and you get go at your own pace. Surf is encouraging and funny and welcomes participants at all physical levels. The first session is free, so what do you have to loose, but the obvious!"

Mary Nolen

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"Surf provides the formula for fitness with the basic 3 F's...Fitness, Fresh Air, and Fun! What more could you ask of an exercise program?"

Karen Nemson

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Thanks for adding a new dimension to my workouts! I love the fresh air and the variety! I love that this class works for people of all ability levels. I can bring a friend and not worry if she can keep up or if it is challenging enough for him. This class is a must for anyone trying to improve their fitness.

Becca Marson