Personal Training

Personal Training Morehead CityReady for a new kind of personal training? Surf gives new meaning to the concept. An ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer, she is comfortable working with clients of all fitness backgrounds and ability levels. Whether you just want someone to set you up with a simple workout program you can follow yourself, or want a personally designed and managed fitness program, surf can do it.

She has worked with physically disabled clients as well as elite athletes. Her client list includes both men and women, ranging in age from teens to seniors.

Personal Training Morehead CitySessions are held in a private studio. surf places a special emphasis on form, range of motion, muscle confusion and injury prevention.

Long term clients will never become bored. Level-specific and limitation-appropriate, high-intensity workouts are individually designed and varied to maximize results and FUN. As a clients stamina and strength increase, surf will adapt the program to ensure that every minute counts and that you perform to your highest potential. surf provides the motivation needed to push past your comfort level, something difficult to do on your own.

Personal Training Morehead CityYou will learn a variety of skills and techniques to target muscle groups in different ways. With a trainer by your side, you will have the confidence you need to learn about and utilize any piece of equipment in the gym.


It's not often that you can point to one event that changed your life. The day that I walked into the gym and met Surf was mine. I have MS and at the time I was focused on everything that I couldn't do. With Surf as my trainer for the past year and a half, I now focus on what I can do instead. And I can do so much more. It is her encouragement and positive attitude that has enabled me to stick with it and make so much progress. Even my neurologist was impressed.

~Lynn Marchesseault

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I have been pretty consistent in my training since 1993 and have trained for various results including strength and endurance. I approached Surf about training because I noticed how relentless she was when working out herself. She asked me what I wanted to accomplish, listened and then designed a phenomenal training schedule that exposed me to several exercises that I had never tried. Her training focused on both strength and cardio and offered complete muscle confusion..... simply awesome!!!! For the first time since high school gym I would get butterflies in my stomach on the way to the gym because my body had no idea what to expect.....except that it would be worked out and challenged........that is exactly what I asked for and loved every minute (it should be noted that I loved every minute after each exercise was over!). Surf figured out very quickly where my body needed to be during our training sessions in order to achieve the results I desired and kept me at that threshold the entire hour. Surf is the only trainer I have or ever will use. THANK YOU SURF.

Gavin M. Langley